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Department of Defense Military Dictionary Bundle Palm OS Edition 1.0

Department of Defense Military Dictionary Bundle Palm OS Edition 1.0

Department of Defense Military Dictionary Bundle Palm OS Edition Publisher's Description

Does military lingo sound like a foreign language to you?

Military jargon is becoming more common and widespread. Town Compass® presents the Department of Defense Dictionary Bundle to help you stay in the know. "Shock & Awe" your friends with over 11,000 military terms & definitions!

The Bundle includes 2 separate Dictionaries: Military & Associated Terms, and Military & Associated Acronyms.
The Military Terms Dictionary contains:

  • Full-color Cover Page, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable Records
  • Footnotes: Tap on a Footnote to see related entries without leaving the record you are viewing!
  • # (1 entry), 463L system
  • A (614 entries), from abort to azimuth resolution
  • B (205 entries), from back tell to burn-through range
  • C (636 entries), from cache to cyberspace
  • D (334 entries), from daily intelligence summary to dwell time
  • E (190 entries), from earliest anticipated launch time to extraction zone
  • F (262 entries), from fabricator to fuze cavity
  • G (111 entries), from gadget to gyromagnetic compass
  • H (147 entries), from half thickness to hypsometric tinting
  • I (291 entries), from identification to item manager
  • J (127 entries), from J-2X to jumpmaster
  • K (13 entries), from K-day to kite
  • L (192 entries), from land control operations to low-altitude parachute extraction system
  • M (403 entries), from mach number to muzzle velocity
  • N (226 entries), from named area of interest to numerical scale
  • O (166 entries), from objective to over-the-horizon radar
  • P (357 entries), from pace to pyrotechnic delay
  • Q (5 entries), from q-message to quay
  • R (332 entries), from radar to ruse
  • S (580 entries), from sabotage to systems support contractors
  • T (334 entries), from table of allowance to types of burst
  • U (83 entries), from ultraviolet imagery to use of force policy
  • V (54 entries), from validate to vulnerable point
  • W (86 entries), from wading crossing to wreckage locator chart
  • Y (2 entries), from yaw to yield
  • Z (8 entries), from zero point to ZULU time
Each entry contains the term name, originating agency, definition, related terms, and footnotes.

The Military Acronyms Dictionary contains:

  • Full-color Cover Page, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable Records
  • A (523 entries), from A (analog) to AZR (assign zone restriction lists)
  • B (112 entries), from B (cross-over barrier pattern) to BZ (buffer zone)
  • C (545 entries), from C (centigrade; clock; coverage factor; creeping line pattern) to CY (calendar year)
  • D (382 entries), from d (surface drift) to DZSTL (drop zone support team leader)
  • E (175 entries), from E (total probable error) to EZCO (extraction zone control officer)
  • F (198 entries), from F (flare patterns; flash) to FYDP (Future Years Defense Program)
  • G (109 entries), from G/A (ground to air) to GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network)
  • H (124 entries), from H&I (harassing and interdicting) to Hz (hertz)
  • I (231 entries), from I (immediate; individual) to IWWS (inland waterway system)
  • J (352 entries), from J-2 (intelligence directorate of a joint staff) to JWID (joint warrior interoperability demonstration)
  • K (19 entries), from KAL (key assets list) to KWOC (keyword-out-of-context)
  • L (169 entries), from l (search subarea length) to LZCO (landing zone control officer)
  • M (372 entries), from M&S (modeling and simulation) to MWSS (Marine wing support squadron)
  • N (341 entries), from N (number of required track spacings; number of search and rescue units) to NWT (normal wideband terminal)
  • O (160 entries), from O (contour pattern) to OW (orderwire)
  • P (263 entries), from P (parallel pattern; priority) to PZ (pickup zone)
  • Q (22 entries), from QA (quality assurance) to QUADCON (quadruple container)
  • R (205 entries), from R (routine; search radius) to RZ (recovery zone; return-to-zero)
  • S (452 entries), from S&F (store-and-forward) to SZ (surf zone)
  • T (319 entries), from T (search time available; short ton; trackline pattern) to TYCOM (type commander)
  • U (201 entries), from U (wind speed) to UXO (unexploded explosive ordnance; unexploded ordnance)
  • V (82 entries), from v (velocity of target drift) to VX (nerve agent)
  • W (77 entries), from w (search subarea width) to WX (weather)
  • X (4 entries), from X (initial position error) to XSB (barrier single unit)
  • Y (2 entries), from Y (search and rescue unit error) to YR (year)
  • Z (4 entries), from z (effort) to ZULU (time zone indicator for Universal Time)
Each entry contains the acronym and definitions.

Organized in a three-layer subject hierarchy and in an index in remarkably small files, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.

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